I believe love is important to the spirit as air and water and food are to the body. Love speaks in many languages. In our relationships with others, our relationships with nature and the divine, we express love using kindness, devotion, and by our creative endeavors. Love speaks the language of creativity – visual art, music, writing, etc. We are part of the beauty of nature; we are born to create as an expression of our love.
From a young age, I felt a calling to devote my life to the pursuit of creativity. In my early years, I was determined to become a professional painter, but I later discovered other branches of art and that I wanted to explore – namely music. I graduated from Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Israel, majoring in piano, jazz arrangement and composition, and became a musician, which led me to realize that my heart truly belongs to my first love; visual art.
Upon my arrival in New York City, I decided to enroll in the Art Student's League as a full time student of figurative and abstract drawing and painting. During my transition between music and art, I created a series of paintings with a musical theme; several portraits of jazz musicians, one of them titled 'Submerged' - a portrait of one of my favorite pianists, the legendary Bill Evans. This painting was later chosen as a station logo for Denver Jazz Public Radio station WKUVO in the year 2010.
I also painted many cityscapes inspired by the city I live in and love, New York, and I still incorporate portraits of the city (photographs in collages as well as paintings) in my work. Another body of work involved figurative abstractions of women, which I see as an empowering statement and a feminist declaration.
Most recently was my recycled materials project, in which my purpose is to stress the importance of our role in conserving and protecting our earth. This endeavor culminated in a solo show I had in summer of 2015 at the Gallery Gaia in Brooklyn, where I constructed installations and sculptures using recycled materials (A video of the show can be seen on this page or on You Tube: https://youtu.be/Gnb2SNmpBYo). I am still using this medium and intend to create more work with recycled materials (installations and many more future projects are still in planning or envisioning stages).
I've experimented with various other themes and techniques such as collage and photography, however, my most consistent subject is abstract painting and abstractions. This seems to be an ongoing, ever plentiful source of inspiration for my work. I love to explore new ways of reinventing my visual internal landscape as it manifests through color, line, texture and design.
In my abstract work I incorporate my long lasting practice of Tai Chi and meditation into my creative process. These play out through a meditative state, which is a fertile ground for channeling inspiration from divine source, and practicing a mind-body-spirit connection. In particular, when working at large scale paintings, transference of “chi” (energy) from the universe (Tao), is executed via dynamic brush strokes and into the canvas.

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