Albatross 11' Feet wide ceiling sculpture

6000 USD

An 11 feet life size model, made of mostly recycled materials, of the 'Great Albatross' (wandering albatross). The wandering Albatross is the largest bird on earth, with a wingspan of up to 12 feet! This piece is from my show 'Disposition' in which I explore our part, as humans, in affecting the planet, nature and the environment. It is made of mostly recycled materials - plastic containers, discarded clothes and fabric, acrylic paint, house paint, tape, flour, detergent, cardboard, wood, fishing line. Title: The Great Wandering Albatross Size: 16 H x 132 W x 52 inches Ships in a crate From my statement in the show "Disposition": In 'Disposition' I used recycled materials, discarded plastic, Styrofoam, cardboard and fabric, and constructed them into three dimensional surfaces for painting and collage. ... In my research I discovered Hawaii to be the world's capital of endangered species, with more of them there (mostly plants) than anywhere else in the world. One of Hawaii's chain of islands is the 2.4 square mile Midway Atoll (Midway Island). On it resides a National Wildlife Refuge with the largest population of nesting albatross in the world, as well as other species of seabirds, endangered Hawaiian monk seals, dolphins and sea-turtles. However, due to Pacific Ocean currents and the island's location 'midway' between North America and Asia, it is also the location of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Every year 20 tons of plastic debris carried by ocean streams from east and west accumulate on the tiny island shores. Many ocean creatures and sea birds – largely Laysan Albatross chicks, ingest the plastic that floats in the water. Other animals become trapped and strangled in discarded fishing nets. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, many of them endangered, die each year from strangulation or starvation caused by entanglement in discarded fishing nets or ingesting plastic particles that block their digestion. Another type of albatross, nesting near the antarctic, is an endangered seabird with the longest wingspan - up to 12 feet - of any other bird in the world, called the Wandering Albatross. I created a life-size model of a Wandering Albatross made from recycled materials, it can be viewed near the ceiling of the gallery. The bird is an inspiration for many legends, fiction and poetry. From ancient Greek mythology, sailors' superstitions, and poems. Among them the lengthy 18th century poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (The popular heavy metal band “Iron Maiden” performs a 13 minutes *shortened* version of the poem). The poem tells of an albatross who guides a lost ship near Antarctica out of danger. Despite this, one of the sailors shoots the animal with a crossbow. The other crew members believe the dead bird's spirit placed a curse upon the ship, as they are later lost again, and suffer from thirst and other hardships. The mariner's guilt becomes a heavy burden, as though he is carrying the albatross like a cross around his neck. (The poem is in the public domain now, can be found online) Natives of Hawaii practice an ancient method of conflict-resolution called Ho'oponopono, where families and tribes gather together to resolve problems and find peace and forgiveness in the community. A modern version of Ho'oponopono is practiced today by individuals around the world, as a method of meditation, self-forgiveness, resolving inner and outer conflicts, becoming internally peaceful and living in harmony with the world. The modern practice of Ho'oponopono is simple: it's based mainly on internally repeating the four phrases: I LOVE YOU, I'M SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU as a mantra for contemplation, and for elevating emotional and spiritual vibrations, thereby taking full responsibility of one's own life. I incorporated the four phrases of Ho'oponopono, together with representations of the four natural elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air, throughout the show. A video recording of the show can be seen on YouTube at: (Account: Iris Lavy, Video: Disposition) Due to the large size, the albatross is shipped with one wing disassembled. Assembly is required for display. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More about me: I'm an artist working and living in New York City, the hub of the contemporary art world! Art is my passion, and my life is immersed in it - I am continuously exposed to the latest, cutting edge trends from the world's best contemporary galleries and museums. I always strive to improve and grow as an artist, my artwork is constantly and continuously changing. I do not like to create the same piece that I already made and I always try to do something new and different, as well as find and express my own unique voice as an artist. My art rises in value from year to year, and will continue to grow in value, so be assured of your investment. I do not copy or reproduce, every piece is original, unique, hand made, and carefully thought out. I sell directly from my studio in Brooklyn, as well as show my art in NYC galleries. You can watch a video of my most recent solo show from last July where I used recycled materials to create three dimensional paintings, sculptures and installation: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Buy with confidence! I've been selling online and on Etsy for years, you can see feedback and sales I made previously in my Etsy shop. Here's a link to my shop reviews: After a long hiatus where I was focused on creating art for local galleries, art fairs and shows in NYC, I am now back on Etsy! Send me a message to join my mailing list where I will update you with special shop coupons and events. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I SHIP TO EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET!! However, please contact me for details about shipping to your particular destination. Local pickup of the painting from Brooklyn, New York is also available, please notify me if you're interested in this option, I will edit the listing to omit the shipping and handling that's included in the price of the artwork. To see more of my art visit Please contact me if you have any questions All art is © Copyright Iris Lavy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some reviews from collectors of my art: "This painting is gorgeous. The photo of it on the website does not come close to doing it justice. The colors are vivid and intense. And the movement in this painting flows with the colors. I have placed it on a wall where I can see it daily and let the ever changing depth and feeling soak in. It is truly unique and truly an imaginative and evocative piece of art. I am delighted to have found it." "Amazing artist!!! This has to be seen to be believed!! Great seller!!! 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Iris painted “Storm” directly onto the canvas without the use of preparatory drawings, giving a sense of originality to this work. The overlay of paint on paint gives a strong feeling that like a real storm the composition is still developing. Iris is an artist with a taste for dynamic brush work… Her painting style is abstract and suggestive. Abstraction, figuration collide, and sexuality in the “Storm” is not absent. Iris’s artwork has been attracting the attention of collectors… I believe that the value of my investment will rise extraordinarily fast. Also, I would like to mention that Iris is a very reliable and responsible seller. Iris, thank you so much!!!!!!!!" "Dear Iris, it was again a great pleasure. I'm looking very much forward to your next ideas. Best regards" "This painting is GORGEOUS!!! Iris was the best to work with. I am thrilled with the whole process! She is a fantastic artist and great, great, great seller! I couldn't be happier :)" "Iris! Thank you so much! 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