Construction Recycled Mixed Media art

720 USD

This piece is part of a recycling art project which involves using post-consumer plastic and fabric to create multi-faceted depictions of urban, 21st century existence, sometimes highlighting the contradiction between nature and civilization, as well as the human search for a meaningful life. I use plastic containers (from food packaging, shrink wraps and other discarded consumer goods packaging), as well as Styrofoam from packaging, old fabric from used clothes/canvas remnants/other fabrics, which is mounted over the plastic as surface for painting/collage. I also use recycled cardboard or wood. I paint and collage the assembled surface, using acrylic paint, pencils, markers etc, and my own photographs which are printed with Epson archival ink on acid-free paper. The whole piece is finally coated with a protective layer of varnish. The combination of painting, photograph, 3d effect created by the surface used, as well as the almost organic quality that the plastic adopts when re-dressed with old clothes and fabric, creates a unique piece that transforms and bridges the gap between us as users and abusers of nature's resources and our need to maintain and protect these resources for our own survival. My mission is to recycle as much as I can in my art, and create meaningful aesthetic objects out of post-consumer materials that would otherwise pollute our beautiful and precious earth. This particular piece is 12X11.5X2 inches in size. It's a detail of o photo of a building in construction seen behind steel beams of another construction. The photo was also painted and details added with acrylic paint. The colors may not be presented accurately on your monitor, due to color settings and the limitations of the camera. Also, there is some glare reflected due to the final layer of varnish PLEASE NOTE: after purchase, the artwork is removed from storage and prepared for shipping. This process usually takes between 1-3 days, but can take up to 5 business days. Please feel free to contact me if you need to know more detailed information regarding the processing time. Once the painting is packed and ready to send, expedited shipping is available, please contact me for the cost. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More about me: I'm an artist working and living in New York City, the hub of the contemporary art world! Art is my passion, and my life is immersed in it - I am continuously exposed to the latest, cutting edge trends from the world's best contemporary galleries and museums. I always strive to improve and grow as an artist, my artwork is constantly and continuously changing. I do not like to create the same piece that I already made and I always try to do something new and different, as well as find and express my own unique voice as an artist. My art rises in value from year to year, and will continue to grow in value, so be assured of your investment. I do not copy or reproduce, every piece is original, unique, hand made, and carefully thought out. I sell directly from my studio in Brooklyn, as well as show my art in NYC galleries. You can watch a video of my most recent solo show from last July where I used recycled materials to create three dimensional paintings, sculptures and installation: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Buy with confidence! I've been selling online and on Etsy for years, you can see feedback and sales I made previously in my Etsy shop. Here's a link to my shop reviews: After a long hiatus where I was focused on creating art for local galleries, art fairs and shows in NYC, I am now back on Etsy! Send me a message to join my mailing list where I will update you with special shop coupons and events. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I SHIP TO EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET!! However, please contact me for details about shipping to your particular destination. Local pickup of the painting from Brooklyn, New York is also available, please notify me if you're interested in this option, I will edit the listing to omit the shipping and handling that's included in the price of the artwork. To see more of my art visit Please contact me if you have any questions All art is © Copyright Iris Lavy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are some reviews from collectors of my art: "This painting is gorgeous. The photo of it on the website does not come close to doing it justice. The colors are vivid and intense. And the movement in this painting flows with the colors. I have placed it on a wall where I can see it daily and let the ever changing depth and feeling soak in. It is truly unique and truly an imaginative and evocative piece of art. I am delighted to have found it." "Amazing artist!!! This has to be seen to be believed!! Great seller!!! Carefully packaged for shipping!!! Beautiful!! " "AMAZING Painting. Great colors, movement, texture. And the size is stunning. Very well packaged, and arrived in just two days! Iris is a very talented artist who deserves our attention- keep an eye on her, she has the talent and skills to be one of THE artists of our time." "A fantastic artist and a must for any collector!" "thank you so much! it's fantastic!" "SOOOOOO amazing!! I'm so happy it's mine! Thank you!" "Excellent communication! Outstanding artwork! Love It! Iris Lavy is a very gifted artist. Her painting combines synthesis of colored figuration and abstraction. Moreover, the act of painting itself is most important to Iris…And her canvases are filled with her passion for the medium. I believe that the physical act of painting is a sensual and complex experience for Iris; who wants the viewer to enjoy her work just as much as she enjoys making it. Iris painted “Storm” directly onto the canvas without the use of preparatory drawings, giving a sense of originality to this work. The overlay of paint on paint gives a strong feeling that like a real storm the composition is still developing. Iris is an artist with a taste for dynamic brush work… Her painting style is abstract and suggestive. Abstraction, figuration collide, and sexuality in the “Storm” is not absent. Iris’s artwork has been attracting the attention of collectors… I believe that the value of my investment will rise extraordinarily fast. Also, I would like to mention that Iris is a very reliable and responsible seller. Iris, thank you so much!!!!!!!!" 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