Iris Lavy

Slowly Bursting

3210 USD / In stock.
Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.
Size: 50 H x 54 W x 1.5 in
Ships in a crate, the price includes packaging, shipping and handling.
The painting can also ship rolled in a mailing tube and stretched locally, this will reduce the price. If you'd like this option please contact the artist for more information.

This painting belongs to a series of paintings in which I channel directly a feeling, an intuition or a vision that comes to me from a higher source. I create in a meditative state, emptying my mind of expectations, plans and preconceived ideas, in immediacy and spontaneity. There is no draft, apart from - at times seeing an image in my minds eye, and transferring it directly to the canvas without any calculations. I do take compositional color and spacial elements into consideration, but at other times not even that. Instead I just let my arm and brush take over, directly connecting with the subconscious/super-conscious. I work in large format here because the process includes physical, body movement, which is part of the process of integrating body-mind-spirit-emotion, and that allows me to channel the final image.